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Gibson J-185

The J-185 might be referred to as a narrow waist jumbo.  It was initially introduced in 1951 and discontinued in 1959.  Not sure why it had such a short production run, but for many this is one of the most iconic guitars ever made.   Many people are drawn to it for the shape and love the size as it is very comfortable to play seated or standing.  The J-185 is the shape of a J-200 but the relative size of a Dreadnaught.  In my opinion the shape is visually very appealing when standing next to a Martin style dread for example.   


The J-185 shares its shape with many of Gibson’s arch-top guitars, and of course the guitar many are familiar with is the famous Everly Brothers flat-top from 1962.  (The Everly Brothers also played black J-200’s with their recognizable huge white pick guards) These guitars came mostly in the Gibson sunburst finish, but about half were shipped out with a natural finish as well.  They also featured the reverse belly bridge which some think may help with structural integrity of the top.