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A word or two about me

I was born into a woodworking family.  My grandpa (August) emigrated to this country from Sweden.  He was a professional woodworker and I still have his tool box and many of his tools, although some of them are lost to history.  My brother and I probably lost most of them, who knows.  I learned about the pleasure of building something yourself working with my dad over the years as he built furniture for our family and friends, or remodeled homes he bought to fix up and resell.  He would have loved HGTV.  I love how wood feels, looks and how strong it can be in the right application.  I also love the sound it can produce in a stringed instrument.  

I currently build the following body size guitars.  Martin style OOO/OM, Martin Style Dreadnaught, Gibson style or round shouldered Dreadnaught, Gibson style J-185, Gibson style Super Jumbo or J-200.  A little later this year I intend to add the Gibson L-0 and the Gibson L-0 Nick Lucas to my offerings.  

I like to build using traditional methods, hand tools whenever it makes sense and modern technology as well, when that makes the most sense.  In other words, I like to use the techniques that produce the best results structurally and sonically.  

The base price for all of my guitars is the same, except for a Jumbo if the wood costs more because of the size.  If the wood does not cost more, there is no up-charge.  I start out with high grade lumber, appoint all of my instruments at a pretty high level, and install very good tuners so a base guitar for me comes pretty well appointed without adding lots of extras.  That being said, I can certainly add custom inlays or more expensive tuners, etc.  All of my guitars come with a hard shell case as well.  


My warranty is a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner.  This warranty covers any repairs as a result of defects in materials or craftsmanship.  

   This does not include:

  • Alterations or modifications made to the instrument by others

  • Normal wear to finish, tuners, frets, and from playing the instrument

  • Any damage caused by neglect, abuse, accidents, or improper handling

  • Damage caused by extremes in heat or humidity

When someone orders a guitar from me I generally require a $500 deposit.  (highly appointed guitars with special custom inlays my require a non-refundable deposit)  Once the guitar is done, and paid for, I will deliver or ship it to you.  Once the guitar is received I ask that you take three days to play it and get comfortable with it.  If for any reason, at the end of the three days, you are not happy with it, or you just don’t like it, send it back and I will refund your money in full.  It generally takes me four months to complete a guitar once I get started.  Throughout the build process, I like to send pictures of the progress each week so you have a record of how the guitar was built.  

I also offer a free six month checkup for any guitar that I make.  It is not required, but as part of my warranty, for any of my guitars I ask customers to bring their guitar back to me and leave it with me for a few days.  I will go through the entire guitar and make sure that it is aging well, make any adjustments that are needed, oil the fretboard and the bridge and install a new set of strings..free of charge.  

I love working with a client to make something special and lasting that they will play and enjoy for many years to come.  I invite you to spend some time looking through my website.  If you would like more information about Martin and Gibson guitars I can recommend two great books.  "Gibsons Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars by Eldon Whitford, David Vinopal, and Dan Erlewine" and "Martin Guitars: A History by Richard Johnston and Dick Boak"  Most of the historical information I share in the attached pages came from one of those two books.  

You can also find me on Instagram at  https://www.instagram.com/august_guitars/ and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/August-Guitars-229629447212246/   I hope you find the information useful and informative.  If you would like to talk about a custom instrument, inquire about available instruments, or if you just have general questions, please give me a call 972-342-6545 or send me an email AugustGuitars@Gmail.com.